German Beer on Saint Patrick’s Day?

It seems that everyone wants to be Irish on Saint Patrick’s Day! While not everyone will don a green sweater and make a pot of savory corned beef and cabbage; regardless of their ethnicity, many folks like to take part in one of the most traditional (and enjoyable) activities to celebrate the holiday – DRINKING BEER!

And while the Irish make some delicious stouts, lagers and ales, why not try a festive German beer to go with your corned beef or a hearty slice of Irish soda bread? Enriched in history just like their Irish counterparts, Hofbrau beers offer distinct flavors that complement many types of Irish food or can be simply enjoyed on their own!

For a lighter beer, try a Hofbrau Premium Lager – the beer that made Hofrbrau famous! It is a simple full flavored lager with a crisp finish. Then there’s the classic Hofbrau Hefe Weizen, which is a rich, fairly sweet old-style wheat beer with a wonderful combination of banana and clove flavors. A Hofbrau Dunkel Weizen is a darker version of the Hofbrau Weissbier, and it is refreshing and deliciously mild with hints of yeast and malt.

For a darker beer – similar to a Guiness stout, try a Hofbrau Dunkel. This dark lager has a light body, is easy to drink, with simple roasted malt flavors and slight caramel undertones. If you want a little more bang in your beer, the Grevensteiner has a higher alcohol content (7.7% alcohol) and a malty, caramel flavor that is sure to please any Irishman! There are also many types of full bodied, dark bock beers to choose from. Try a Weihenstephan Vitus – voted “The World’s Best Beer” at the World Beer Awards in England in 2011.

However you choose to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day, as long as you are surrounded by good friends, and have a cold beer in hand – Irish eyes will be smiling on you!

Stop into Bierhaus this Saint Patrick’s Day for your favorite beer, an Irish whiskey or your favorite cocktail and add some German flavor to your celebration!