Best Beers to Drink This Spring Season!

What’s more refreshing on a warm spring day then relaxing (preferably outside) and enjoying one of your favorite beers? Spring is great time to enjoy beer because many beer makers release seasonal and unique beers for the spring season! Whether you like a crisp brew, a wheat ale, a refreshing pilsner or an IPA, there are many options to choose from during the spring season.

Classic spring styles of beer are often lighter-bodied with bright and fresh flavors that personify the season. Some spring brews may feature notes of fruit, citrus, floral and coriander. Brewers are also using wheat and rye in addition to malted barley this spring and rye can lend a slightly spicy flavor, with a smooth and fairly dry finish. “Spring craft beers truly bring the flavors of the season to life, offering a diverse and refreshing experience,” said Julia Herz, publisher of Craft

Spring beers now encompass a wide range of styles, so there is spring beer out there for everyone. And while craft breweries around the United States may be adding some spring flavor and changing up tradition by brewing pale ales, IPAs and blonde ales, breweries in Germany have been creating unique spring-style beers, like lent bier and refreshing kölsch, for centuries. This spring – you may want to give a seasonal German beer a try!

Bierhaus in Patchogue offers an impressive list of beers that are excellent for spring consumption! Try a Sunner Kolsch, a light and crisp beer that is very smooth or a classic Schofferhofer Grapefruit Hefe Weizen, a light and unfiltered, fruity radler (sometimes referred to as a shandy). Another option is the traditional Hofbrau Premium Lager – the beer that made Hofbrau famous! This is an easy drinking, simple full flavored lager with a crisp finish. You won’t be disappointed with a Radeberger Pilsner, which is always smooth and refreshing.

There are so many options to choose from when it comes to finding a delicious and refreshing spring beer! Whether you like it in a bottle or from the tap – Bierhaus has many spring brews to please any palate! Stop in for a mug of seasonal spring suds today!