Awesome Autumn Brews

Best August Beers

The month of September can be a melancholy time for many people. It’s not easy to say goodbye to the careless, warm days of summer, fun summer activities and daylight that lasts until well into the evening. And to add to that feeling of anguish – for children and many adults alike – September means going back to school! Once you accept the inevitable however, there are many things to embrace about September and the upcoming autumn months!

With September come cool and crisp days, colorful leaves, pumpkins, apples and campfires to roast marshmallows. Break out your favorite pair of boots, jeans and warm cozy sweaters again! It’s the start of football season and tailgate parties and there’s always Halloween to look forward to! So once you get over the fact that the month of September is inevitable, it’s time to embrace all the things that the fall has to offer. There are many terrific autumn events, celebrations and traditions, and there are many great beers to enjoy while you celebrate! Let’s start by discussing some of our favorite autumn traditions and some great beers to celebrate with!

Football Season

What’s better than watching football on a Sunday afternoon or a Monday night? Whether you are watching from the couch in your living room, or you are enjoying the game at a great bar like Bierhaus in Patchogue, beer is the official drink of football season for sure! For a smooth Sunday afternoon beer, try a Dinkelacker, a clean and refreshing pilsner or a Hofbrau Premium Lager which is a simple full flavored lager with a crisp finish. Bierhaus in Patchogue always has delicious seasonal brews on tap for the autumn months as well as many other favorite German beers.


This is the best German celebration of the season! In addition to great beer, German food is priority when you are celebrating Octoberfest. Bierhaus in Patchogue features a full menu of classic German dishes including sauerbraten, wienerschnitzel, jagerschnitzel, potato dumplings, and German sausages including bratwurst, knockwurst, kielbasa and more! Of course, all Octoberfest celebrations should feature authentic German beer. Try a Hofbrau Premium Lager – the beer that made Hofrbrau famous! It is a simple full flavored lager with a crisp finish. Or there’s the classic Hofbrau Hefe Weizen, which is a rich, fairly sweet old-style wheat beer with a wonderful combination of banana and clove flavors. A Hofbrau Dunkel Weizen is a darker version of the Hofbrau Weissbier, and it is refreshing and deliciously mild with hints of yeast and malt.


Celebrate this haunted holiday with all things spooky and festive! Throw a Halloween party or just visit your favorite watering hole (in costume of course) for some holiday spirits – no pun intended! If it’s a darker beer you want – try a Hofbrau Dunkel. This dark lager has a light body, and is easy to drink, with simple roasted malt flavors and slight caramel undertones. If you want a little more bang in your beer, or some heavier spirits – the Grevensteiner has higher alcohol content (7.7% alcohol) and a malty, caramel flavor.

Whatever you are celebrating this fall, there is always a great beer to complement your event. To experience the best of German food and autumn brews, stop into Bierhaus in Patchogue today!